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Tech Enabled Culturally Appropriate Care for homecare providers.

Using our app and web portal it has never been easier for homecare providers to meet the cultural needs of their clients and match them with a culturally appropriate and trained care worker.

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Why CareAlgo?

We are the only tech platform with the sole purpose of providing people with culturally appropriate care and cultural competency training.

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Benefits of CareAlgo

Steps - How It Works

Sign-up all your care workers on care matched platform and setup your care worker profile.

Step 1

Sign Up

The care providers can pick from a pool of verified, vetted and qualified care workers on the platform via the web portal provided.

Step 2

Care Worker Profile Set Up

Complete your profile by answering our in-depth cultural questionnaire and completing the quizzes with the required score. Once your training session is complete your care worker profile will go live on the platform.

Step 3

Care Receiver Profile Set Up

This next step involves the care provider’s client signing up to the platform. They make known their requirements, availability, care needs and cultural needs.

Step 4

Connect with your Desired Care Worker

The care providers can pick from a pool of verified, vetted and qualified care workers on the platform via the web portal provided.

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Our App

Our app uses data analytics and machine-learning to empower those providing healthcare services, and improving outcomes for those receiving them.

CareAlgo is very relevant in addressing Regulation 9 and Regulation 10 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, by providing this culturally-appropriate matching technology to care organisations, CareAlgo is ensuring that vulnerable people are receiving the personalised care they’re entitled to and live out the rest of their years with dignity.

Care Quality Commission Lucy Wilkinson - Head of Equality, Health inequalities and Human Rights

l love how simple and sleek the design and functionality of the technology is, we are using it every day in our agency. Highly recommended

Kariba Amachree Founder & Registered Manager, Pragmatic Health Care Services

Person centred and user-friendly tech solutions are increasingly important in the care sector, as are products that make it easier for people drawing on social care to find services that match the cultural, language and other characteristics that matter to them. I have been fortunate to monitor the progress of the Care Matched solution since its early days and can say with confidence that it ticks all of those boxes.

Social care commissioner Executive

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